About Paisley Tubby Effects

Paisley Tubby Effects created the first Paisley Vibra Fuzz in 2009 - a modernised recreation of the Psychedelic Machine. 

The Psychedelic Machine was a 1960's fuzz/modulation effect that now holds a mythical status, as well as a big price tag in the vintage/rare effects pedal world. I got my hands on an original back in 2008 and instantly thought that it was a perfect candidate to be updated.

The Vibra Fuzz is a modulation and fuzz effect with many different tonal options. The modulation circuit is from a 1960’s designed phaser circuit built to imitate the rotating Leslie speaker, with warm analogue phasing from it’s optoisolator package and it’s four phase shift stages. There are three modulation mode settings (“Chorus”, “Vibrato”, and “Tremolo) and two fuzz tone settings going from it's regular lead fuzz tone to scooping the mids. There’s also the option to control the rate/speed of phasing via a Paisley Tubby Effects expression pedal.

Check out the History page for how the Psychedelic Machine and Vibra Fuzz came to be born.