Power Supply Required

18-volt DC, negative center with 2.1mm plug. Current rating should be around 300mA or higher. 

Expression Pedal  Jack

The Vibra Fuzz will run off most standard expression pedals that use a stereo jack. Insert jack plug into the “EXP” jack on the Vibra Fuzz. This will bypass the Speed control on the Vibra Fuzz, letting you control the rate of phasing with the expression pedal.

Here's a few expression pedals that will work with the vibra fuzz. Roland EV-5, Moog EP-2, M-Audio expressional pedal.

Please note: Vibra Fuzzes with a serial number below 1019 requires a custom built expression pedal.


On the fuzz section of the circuit board there is a blue trimpot which is used to adjust the octave content of the fuzz and also controls the amount of sustain the fuzz produces.

On the vibe section of the circuit board, there is another blue trimpot which controls the overall brightness of lamp.  The brighter the lamp the setting, the more deeper and intense the phasing will become.  

Pedal Dimensions

120 x 90 x 60mm